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About Us

Iron Cove Tigers Cricket Club is a community-based club which has been established to represent the local community. The club prides itself on the core values - Respect, Inclusion, Community.

Now in it’s Sixth season, (Our Seniors have a 20 year pedigree) the Iron Cove Balmain Tigers were been formed due to the area missing a locally focused club.  Iron Cove an area in the inner-west of Sydney, surrounded by the suburbs of BirchgroveBalmainRozelleLilyfieldHaberfieldFive DockRodd PointRussell Lea and Drummoyne.  The 'Tigers' want to give back to the local area, support local businesses, and create a true club environment for juniors and seniors alike.

The club will also focus on training and playing on local grounds in the Inner West, developing junior talent and providing a pathway to senior cricket.  The Drummoyne Sailing Club is our clubhouse, enabling players to socialise together as a club, with social and presentation nights available for all teams to attend. Join us on our journey to become Balmain’s biggest club!


Warwick King

Warwick King

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